One And A Half Movies

Sunday, June 8, 2014

In an unusual Sunday afternoon house arrest with the family, Mom decided to grab some halo-halo from Ponciana’s Kitchen. After taking the cold dessert to our hungry stomachs, my grandfather arrived and we all came up with the idea of watching a film—of course it must be, at all costs, an action movie.

Something not quite new, we chose to see Olympus Has Fallen. It’s indubitably one of the best action fantasy movies done in years. Having the similar plot with White House Down, where the US President is attacked and there’s an agent who saves the leader’s life, it’s not that catchy at all.

While White House Down has Channing Tatum that unquestionably garnered a plus, plus rating, Olympus Has Fallen has an excellent action sequences and a realistic presentation of terrorism.

And after a series of mini heart attacks, we attempted to watch Now You See Me during dinner, but Dad looked for Hunger Games and we ended up watching Catching Fire...which we didn’t finish because it was already time for a business-related film.

But despite seeing only half of Catching Fire, I already liked it. I definitely cannot wait to finish the movie excluding the presence of Peeta Mellark, I mean, I wonder how tough will be this for him and Katniss Everdeen.

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