Saturday, June 28, 2014

Right now is when I need forgetfulness the most. I’m in dire need to undergo the same procedure Clementine and Joel in the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind underwent—erasing of memories.

It’s not every day that I wake up like this anymore. Late, catching breath, sweat everywhere, and tears caged in my eyes wanting quite loud to fall. It’s not every dream do I see myself that happy to the point the delirium is still felt at the very moment of bliss, the second I first opened my eyes today.

That awful dream reminded me I’m still in the “I lost the man I love. It’s easy to find someone to love again. It’s just difficult to be in love again, when you know he is not the one you were supposed to be with.” phase, which isn’t really delightful to live with every single time.

How sad is it that we see ourselves in total bliss in our dreams, perhaps because we won’t attain it in reality (anytime soon)?

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