We’re Away, And That’s Okay

Monday, June 9, 2014

Sometimes, we would think over the pain we felt a long time ago. Like how much it hurt that time when the one we love leaves us alone and that the fact we were fully aware of, has finally come. The relationship we used to have with them was officially done. And then we grieve over our loss. For at least six months. We suffered from a self-inflicted pain (I believed or tried to believe) where there were sleepless nights, wet pillows, appetite loss, and far gazes when someone tells us a funny story we unintentionally neglect.

One day we wake up and we try to recompose ourselves and attempt to relive the lives we used to live before we met them. So we throw the stuffed toys they gave us for our anniversaries. We burn the letters and notes they sent us in the middle of the class and just whenever unexpectedly. We clean our places and our minds and hearts with whatever memories we once had with them as if these acts help us get through the battle of letting go. And then we go out with our friends to ease the pain, for us to not have a spare time left for thinking and reminiscing and missing them again.

Although impossible as it seemed, eventually, we got over it. We have moved on. We are now living our lives againwell and much better. No, it’s not the same old stories that they come back to our lives just in time that we have gotten over them, but the epiphany that occurs while reading something about love. That is when we realize it’s actually good that we got the space and time away from them. That we are probably given our own lives to grow up and mature and recuperate the way we wanted to. It’s like we are given this chance for us to build the career we’ve always dreamed of, to do the work we’ve always imagined...and maybe, just maybe, to gird ourselves up for the person we’ve always loved.

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