Tuesday, June 24, 2014

While riding the MRT, the stations’ signage didn’t go unnoticed because they were obviously new (to my sight, at least). Except for Boni. The sound of news reporters’ voices was then on shuffle and repeat, enumerating the issues of the people concerning the transit. And numerous questions popped in my mind, probably connecting like dots in coloring books, like how about considering the following:
  • Provide more trains to support the more than a hundred thousand of commuters riding the MRT every day;
  • These trains better be more suitable than the ones we have now—appearance, structure, maintenance, etc.;
  • Rebuild tracks that would fit with the trains, perhaps it they could be something environment-friendly to also not be forced for price increase in the fare;
  • Create an express lane and special coach for the pregnant, senior citizens, PWDs, and children;
  • Hire guards who actually checks the bags of commuters (this applies to the security guards at the malls who are questionably pointing sticks in our bags);
  • Have a more advanced way of reloading stored value cards that does not expire; and
  • Just have a solution to this problem to reduce at least one of the obstacles every Filipino has to face every day.
Then I thought...how would it be possible if there isn’t enough budget for these kinds of everyday things? How could it be pushed through if the money allotted for it (and other important things) goes to the wallet of people who are in power? How could we be a better nation if not most countrymen and those who govern us don’t pay attention to those should be most sought?

I don’t know the answers either, but all I know is this: If we don’t even try to make a change, there wouldn’t be any.

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