My Love From The Star

Monday, July 14, 2014

A very fictional story of Korean drama, wherein a creature who came from a star visited the Earth and stays in it for 400 years, was made and I just saw it. Do Min Joo, who was played by Kim Soo Hyun, had special abilities humans don’t possess. He could teleport, move things through his mind, hear conversations from afar, etcetera.

At the present time in the series, he’s a professor at the university where Cheon Song Yi, performed by Jun Ji Hyun, takes her classes. She’s a famous celebrity in the whole Korea and moves in a condominium unit beside Do Min Joo’s.

Of course, it didn’t begin pleasant of a love story, but
they fell in love with each other just when Do Min Joo has to leave to return to his planet. Usual twists occurred, familiar arguments and ordinary plot were present. But who have thought of an alien existing on Earth falling in love with a human and vice versa? Not to mention a good looking alien that is.
And Cheon Song Yi, who got a pride higher than she stands, actually has a desire like any other woman would have. But the one she’s fallen in love with barely have time to stay. Or if he does, he’ll die. It’s, yes, kind of a trap.
For an actress, Cheon Song Yi’s a bit too aggressive. However, it took another being for her to lose her dignity as despite a number of men chasing after her, she’s quite after one who never recognized her the first time they met.
One decides to stay but the other lets go, and more contradicting thoughts happened. But in the end, the one who left comes back and continues to leave and return longer than he could.
Although it seems like I expected a little bit too much from this, it was a pretty good story to be honest that it’s actually worth 21 hours of my life. Kim Soo Hyun played his role quite well, similar to Jun Ji Hyun and most of the characters in My Love From The Star.

It’s also realistic in my perspective in a way that such perfect man as Do Min Joo only exists in another world, literally. All the time that he saved her, that there wasn’t a single time he missed to do everything in his power to continue her life. No man in real life would do that...unless, you see, he’s an alien.

I could have used a really good cry, but surprisingly, not a single tear was shed. My heart didn’t ache as it should have as well. But it doesn’t make this series less great. In fact, I’ve collected numerous screenshots while watching it that it got my desktop all covered. And here are some of them:

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