85 And Counting

Monday, August 25, 2014

Interchangeably, my Sundays totally feel like Mondays and vice versa. It’s a holiday opportunity to spend time with my extended family in celebration of my grandfather’s 85th birthday (tomorrow). Lunch at Chef Laudico Guevarra’s was a great choice minus the crowded place.

(left to right) Kaye, Anj, Trish

Two separate long tables in a function room gave us the dine time to share laughs with cousins and the parentals with themselves. It’s always pleasant to see a family that is whole internally.

At 85, what can one still wish for? At 85, what can one still lack in his life? I don’t have the answers right now, but what I have is the recognition of someone at 85.
Living with my grandfather for twenty years was something that cannot be described in about five adjectives. But he’s someone I can recount based on my knowledge of him.

He’s generous, undeniably. I would always recall, when I was little, how he always bought our (Kaye and I) requests, like a pair of Skechers, when our parents wouldn’t or too busy to get them. His generosity doesn’t end because every year he gives us an envelope with a few bucks every Christmas or whenever he earned some. Not to mention we regularly get treats from McDo.

He’s protective, sometimes even overprotective. He cares so much about our safety to the point that there are a number of times when I’m still fetched from a mall or something. Yes, at 20. As much as possible, he doesn’t want us walking alone in the streets especially at night. He even doesn’t want us to go far in the village. It’s like we’re allowed only ten steps away from the gate.

Obviously, he’s intelligent and quite brilliant. Had I known him as a student, I probably would just whoa over the scores he got in the exams. But as someone who not just acquired education but also the greatest lessons in life, nothing compares. With his benevolence, he shares everything he knows that are definitely a privilege to us.

It might take 85 hours to write everything I know about my grandfather. Meanwhile, here are two more of the pictures taken earlier:
(left to right) Jong, Winnie, Vina, Ronnie, Rizza, Raul, Revie, Florence
(left to right) back: Nikko, Renzo
middle: Trish, Anj, Angeli, Ralph, Robert
front: Alfonso, Lolo Ric, Javi
All I know is when I reach the same age, I’d like to be able to say that I’ve lived long enough...and it’s all worthwhile.

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