Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rarely do I go out of the house to travel far (as in a 30-minute drive or more), but since it was my friend, Ira’s birthday last week, we decided to have lunch together at school—which I kind of missed anyway.

And as usual, she’s late and she had an urgent meeting with her thesis mates, so I went to where I usually hung out alone when I was still in college. It’s only been months, but I also missed how Starbucks Dapitan is not its usual overcrowded place a little bit after lunch.

Not quite surprised to see an old friend, Red, walking towards me after I told him I was with no one. Haha, I know I’d always be that one friend he couldn’t resist. Lakas. After a few hours of an exchange of insults and laughs, although he said he was going to study for his recitation in his class tonight, we parted ways.

I’ve met with Ira then, finally, and we just talked as usual. Until things got serious, never have I imagined her telling me stories about someone she actually texts when she barely replied to mine! But this girl, she must really have to feel things intensely as I did.

Me: Kailan kaya dadating yung araw na hindi na natin paguusapan si D*****?
Ira: Hindi yon dadating. Hindi siya mawawala sa usapan natin.
Me: Hindi ka pa ba nagsasawa? Kasi ako, pagod na pagod na ako.
Ira: Sobrang gusto mo kasi siya.
Me: Pero gets, it's been what, three years? No one likes someone for that long! Hindi ko na siya gusto.
Ira: Bakit umiiyak ka pa din?
Me: Bitch, please, minsan na lang.
Ira: Still.

And I seriously wonder when the hell that day will come when I no longer talk about him, when his name is someone’s I barely remember. I wonder, and I look forward to it. While I wait for that, spending time with friends a sweet escape nonetheless.

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