What If?

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Glad that I got to tick off a few things in my bucket list like reducing caffeine intake (though ironic enough that I’m at Starbucks as of this writing), taking photos more often, and going home via jeepney.

Yesterday, I was able to cross out another one from my invisible list shared with Dots and Kath about going to the mall, shopping, eating and going to the movies alone. Since Kath and I have done going to the mall, shopping and eating alone, we challenged ourselves to watching a movie all by ourselves. And Dots has to do the rest after seeing One More Chance alone in high school.

I watched Daniel Radcliffe’s most recent movie with Zoe Kazan, What If. Don’t ask me, ‘cause I’m not really sure why I picked that movie to be seen with my beloved self.

Don’t get me wrong. It was fun, literally. Romantic comedy movies are worth a try to be seen with oneself. It was just kind of awkward laughing alone...which made me think if that’s better than a drama where I’ll be forced to pull tissue and wipe my tears without someone to share the box with.

I liked the movie though. It was quite simple comparable to other movies with similar plot. This experience shares something with the title of the movie I chose—what if. What if I didn’t become spontaneous and didn’t know how these kinds of things feel like?

But I did and it was great, so go grab a drink and enjoy a movie with yourself!

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