Thursday, September 25, 2014

Coming from someone who’s never been in a committed, romantic relationship, I’m not sure how my friends penetrate my pieces of advice like this one:
I understand. Pero alam mo ba one thing I learned after that disaster with your...ano is that life is full of expectations. It’s that tricky. You should never fall for that or anything at all. Promises, rules, etc. in a relationship are nothing but roots of disappointment. Because nobody knows what the future holds. Oo, at that moment I promise this or that. I assure you this or that will not happen, but guess what? It does not happen anyway. Not even the surest person can foresee anything. So I can only advise you, despite your pessimistic nature, to at least try to look at the other side of everything.

But I’ve put all truth in it, haven’t I?