Like Father, Like Daughter

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Genes work wonders when this morning, my dad came across something about law admissions in a certain university. It’s been an unending attempt of him to (force aka) convince me to go to law school when none of the cells in my system want to do so.

My dad never gives up on the idea, especially now that I’ve finished college and currently a wandering soul. Sometimes, it leaves me to argue about how much I don’t get why he wants me so badly to follow his footsteps when clearly, it’s not what I want for myself. At least, not for now.

What’s worse is he and my mother’s father joining forces over lunch discussing how much of an edge it would be for me in the future once I become a lawyer, which I honestly don’t see myself to be. My grandfather emphasized the significant growth in population in 10 years and how much it will affect labor. And for me to go to law school and become a lawyer would be such a success for me (and the family, for sure).

Where does this leave me? My father’s such a hard-boiled man who would never want to lose. Oh I wonder how much it hurts his ego not to win. But likewise is his daughter who’s quite skeptical about the life she wants to live.

If I want something, I’d do everything I can to get it. And if I don’t, most likely my mind wouldn’t change about it. But I’m not closing doors on the thought of going to law school because who knows? One day, I might wake up and hanker to become a lawyer. Even if my dad wouldn’t want me to by that time, I’d swim across ocean to achieve that dream.

For now, I just really want to improve myself through writing—what I love the most. Because I know that when I go to law school without 100% of my heart on it, I would be rather devastated and miserable. And I wouldn’t want to blame my father for something he only wanted for the life of his daughter when she knows she wants to drive her own life.

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