The Catastrophic History of You and Me

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Two days was all it took for me to finish such a great book. After finally giving up with Eleanor & Park, which was taking me forever to finish reading, I decided to start a new one instead. Something I thought might spark the interest in me.

I pulled out The Catastrophic History of You and Me from my little shelf and began reading it. A turn of the page after the other feels like a continuous thump in the heart as the excitement of what’s going to happen next runs through my veins.

It is written so beautifully I couldn’t put them into words. Jess Rothenberg came up with such an amazing plot, not to mention the plot twists, combined with ridiculously funny nicknames and lines.

Five stars for such wonderful, lovely book that adds to my favorite list. It’s one thing that I don’t want to spoil anyone because it’s worth an effort inside it. I’d even recall not being able to let go of it the first time I came across it at the bookstore. I contemplated, but followed my gut. And I now know I would have regretted not getting a copy of it.

My heart didn’t fail. Someone failed my heart. But this book definitely won my heart.

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