Have You Really Moved On?

Saturday, October 25, 2014

When it’s four in the morning and the last conversation you had with your girl friend still stings, you would think you haven’t really gotten over that first love you had three years ago.

And you go stalk his Twitter account because you’ve muted him since forever for his grammatical errors that itch you to correct (aka humiliate) him publicly. You wonder how he’s been, what keeps him busy—if it’s work that occupies his precious time or somebody new, but hoping it’s the former, actually.


It’s sadly a someone that keeps him busy these days. It’s his best friend for years whom you already heard about when you were sort of together, and it is just as shocking to you. So you investigate the “relationship” they now have until you realize an hour had passed and it’s about time to end the detective works.

The evaluation comes, and you are quite surprised for not really feeling anything horrible except for some literal stomach ache, which hopefully has a scientific connection not revealing a connection with the couple pictures you’ve just seen.

I guess that’s when you know you have really moved on—when you see him happy with someone who isn’t you, and although you don’t feel happy for him yet, you at least don’t have the hots for (her or) them. Instead, you’re reminded how thankful you are that once in your life, the two of you happened.