2015 Bucket List

Monday, January 5, 2015

Last year, I was able to save time by spending it doing the things I long desired. I was able to save people including myself from a more excruciating pain due to betrayals and other catastrophes. Likewise, I was able to invest in knowledge through the books and movies I read and watched carrying the lessons each story delivered. I was able to invest in people, as well, confident that they have more than they thought they do.

Out of a dozen things in my 2014 Bucket List, only half of them were fulfilled. Just as I believe in success upon continuously trying, I’d have the half again together with the new resolutions for this year:
  • To live an actually healthy lifestyle. No more junk foods, please?
  • To travel alone at least once like an out of town trip by myself where I can be utterly open.
  • To get a driver’s license. A driver’s permit doesn’t really get me anywhere.
  • To get drunk—honestly having second thoughts about this, but yolo.
  • To open up to a stranger who might be able to give worthy, unbiased pieces of advice.
  • To give even “better” gifts this Christmas.
  • To go to an unfamiliar place without riding a private car or taking a cab.
  • To be friends with someone at work, like genuinely befriend one.
  • To go on dates with one of my parents each time once in a while. Maybe it’s about time for them to know more about their 20-year-old daughter (and vice versa).
  • To go on a road trip with my best friends. Scenery and great company is an absolute combination, yes?

Most of all, I’d like to be able to actually live the life I want and enjoy every step of the path I chose to take. While I have these hopes for myself, I have just the same for everyone else.

Let’s all live the life we’re most enthusiastic about. Brace yourself, 2015. I’m coming for you. We are coming for you.