Monday, January 26, 2015

“One good girl is worth a thousand bitches.”

Something I went across my dashboard while scrolling my iPad on a Monday morning as I wait for the sun to come up. And as soon as I saw it, what I had in mind was, “Yeah, true enough.” But then I zoomed in the word ‘worth’, and I recalled what my Christian Living teacher in junior high told us over and over again during the school year, “You are not worth like anything; you are priceless.”

How many times have we forgotten ourselves because of what other people have that we don’t and what society wants that we don’t? How many times have we compromised ourselves for others to accept us?


Today, a number of people lack self-worth. Some might not even know what it is—to value oneself according to what he or she deserves. But then, isn’t a person responsible for his or her own worth? True, he or she determines it, which is why it is important for the individual to know and acknowledge standards of what he or she deserves.

Most changes begin with one’s self. Spare your minds with confusion, your hearts with pain and your life with complexity. Know your self-worth, and never settle for anything less than you know you deserve. We are priceless.