Thursday, February 5, 2015

I hate having to be in this kind of time when I seem to have no one to talk to about something that’s quite bothersome to me. I mean, who doesn’t, right?

My parents are both busy with work. My sister’s occupied with academic papers never mind her TV series. My only two best friends are both unavailable due to their “significant others”. And the list of the people I trust nowadays is really shortlist, so I don’t know how else to free my mind than to write in here.

It’s kind of heavy in my heart just as much that it actually is my birthday in two weeks, and it literally feels like hell everywhere. Where had my optimism gone to? Flushed away with my morning fece? Scratch that! It’s my birthday in fucking five days! Yeah, it feels as far as two weeks!

But honestly, ugh.

All I wanted to let out is that how I can’t seem to think how my best friend can possibly miss my 21st after he skipped my 20th when he was the only constant guest in my parties for the past years that he would cut class then just to come? What exactly had changed aside from his relationship status? Wouldn’t it be more convenient now that he’s quote-unquote single?

Frustrating, I hope he proves me wrong. Without plea, I hope he comes.