Jeanneli Coffee & Co.

Sunday, August 2, 2015

An unplanned visit to a coffee shop that happened to be right in the same building where my sister and I attended a workshop to turned falling in love to another place that feels like home.

It being just a few meters away from my office probably is what makes it best aside from the stimulating Mocha Caramel Latté I ordered. It is walking distance, which probably where I would be found when my shadow is nowhere in the premises of either of the two GMA buildings.

Aside from a real great tasting caffeinated drinks, Jeanneli Coffee & Co. also has very artsy interior and cozy ambiance that is very inviting from the first glance alone. It maintains a relaxing feel for its customers who want to either chill or work.

The best part was meeting the owner, Ms. Jeanneli, who introduced herself as Tita Jeanneli. She approached us and gave a small talk making our whole stay extra fine. Definitely coming back!