Monday, January 4, 2016

Four days past the new year, and I’m just capping 2015 off.

It has been a whirlwind adventure highlighting the year with having work. Being a media slave stole most of my days spent at sites shooting for weekly episode, sometimes even spending the night at the office. Sleeping on the combined office chairs was as odd as it could get until it became as comfortable as resting on my bed.

Thank you can’t even begin to explain my gratefulness for everything that has happened in the preceding year, may it be failing to coordinate things for consecutive episodes or being complimented by the executive producer for consecutive meetings or traveling to cities far from home and learning more about different cultures living in our nation.

I’ve never been this excited to start another year, and before my beloved work snatches my time to write about my greatest year by far, I’m making it sempiternal now.

Here’s to a more exceptional year ahead. 362 days of hope more!