Thursday, March 31, 2016

Today marks my last day of the contract I signed for work that lasted for twelve hell months, but it never felt more horrendous than it is now. It couldn’t be more vile as you (yes, you) would know. Gone are the days you could freely take advantage of me to spoil your beloved friend or save yourself or whoever your foolish heart desired.

I am done.

I am done with the biased, unjust treatment you chose to give me that I believe is far from what I truly deserve. My slow progress or making faces does not even justify the prejudiced decisions you make. I am sorry, however, for not doing the best I could for this chapter.

I mean, who would?

Who do you think would be at ease to give everything, at its best, when he or she knows how aggravated he or she actually is? Who would really perform the greatest when he or she is fully aware of the possible intimidation that he or she underwent, undergoes and will undergo?

Analyzing the past situation, like how it all ended up like this, since I was elicited to look back at it by a person who curiously threw a question of me being “harassed” by you and your company, I asked the same thing to myself. And then I came to the conclusion that I might be. In fact, I might always have been. Why, though, you wonder? Here’s why:
I was given an ultimatum. 
“Decide tayo tonight.” I wasn’t given enough time to think things through when the details of the very sudden existence of an “internal agreement” was laid out to me only that very hour. Yet I was forced to give an answer before the day was over whether I agree or I disagree of the terms and conditions you worked for. Not to mention it was like past eleven in the evening.
I was led to a decision even though I have given a different resolve. 
Since I was coerced to decide that time as if the clock was thinking, and the bomb was about to explode, I gave my word. I negotiated the terms that do not necessarily benefit me, but at the very least, they reduce the burden I was about to carry. But instead of saying you have accepted the conditions I conferred, you repeated your own. Not to mention you even dragged a name in it who, by the way, denied your claim.
I was not in my normal psychological (and physical) state. 
After shooting for two consecutive weeks with responsibilities still waiting to be accomplished right then and there, I was undeniably whacked. And you knew it. Despite recognizing such, you still gave me an ultimatum and led me to a decision far from my own.
I might have overanalyzed, but it was evidently like giving a multiple choice kind of test that enumerates only the following choices (and I had to answer the item in not more than five seconds):
  1. Soft.
  2. The opposite of hard.
  3. The word that is composed of the letters s, o, f and t.
Realizing the preferential view of my superior, I thought to myself this is uncalled for. You taught me to not let other people subjugate me, but you do it to me anyway. And so I have decided to put an end to my baby cries the past few months, especially now it is all too much. I have reached my limit, you have reached yours too.

I am so done.