Sunday, April 3, 2016

I ought to write an open letter to your girlfriend, but I first started looking for a photo to include in it to submit as an article to Thought Catalog when I came across your photos I’ve taken in 2012. And then I started looking through that summer and the next months, next years, realizing there are more memories of us together than I thought.

More than the same classes in college, we shared adventures and thoughts, experiences and lessons, time and effort. It was a constant “let’s go” to spontaneity. You were my constant then. You probably still is now somehow.

We cut class to play billiards in Dapitan, we went to lunch to study for Spanish and Literature, we passed by the church during breaks, we ate siomai for lunch, merienda and dinner, we walked all over University of Santo Tomas after our classes, we ran to the nearest covered area when it rained, we went home together on some days, we visited the mall on weekends...

Most things I did, I did them with you. It was more of a “we” than a “you” and an “I.”