Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Despite all the election fuss in my feed on all social media platforms, there is something else that bothers me since this afternoon.

I’m feeling all sorts right now, and sod that it has come to me writing about this but because 1) I am not a mindreader, and 2) I am halfway through with men in general.

With everything that’s going on with the country, I suppose the very and only reason that could trigger one from Facebook unfriend-ing another is when they have opposing political views. The last time I checked ours were in sync.

It embitters me, I wouldn’t deny, how I’ve aged knowing the stereotype for women—they say, we, women, more often than not, do not tell what we really mean (e.g. “Go ahead” allegedly really connotes “No, don’t go”). Or that we would just start ignoring men thinking they should know they have done something wrong.

Well, guess the hell what!

I am in the middle of a puzzle why one person, who claims to be my best friend (and has to be my only “best friend”) at work, would suddenly unfriend me on Facebook? I’ve let his childish dramas slip through but it has come to this, so I definitely wonder if it was necessary.

Don’t friends communicate if they have problem/s with one another? Or was I really a friend to him from the beginning?

How am I supposed to know what’s going on if something came up, he got mad, I tried to cool it down. He then talked to me after a week, tried to break the ice, I left for vacation. When I went back to hand him a gift, I’m non-existent yet again??? And why is that???

Could it be me not going straight to him to ask one thing? Or could it be me not saying I miss him too or me never saying the L-word back? Could he not know he is a friend to me, means quite like an older brother, and that’s all there is?

I don’t know for sure.

All I know is he is a man but doesn’t act like one. When our paths cross one of these days, I, without second thought, would ask him directly what’s up. If he tells me we got to let our friendship go to save his ego, okay. Whatever the reason, I’ll be okay with it. Just don’t leave me empty handed.

I guess sometimes women are more man enough than men.