Monday, March 13, 2017

Almost a month after seeing the best Filipino indie movie by far (below is the official trailer) on the big screen, it substantially made things less feel-y. I’ve gone from drunk confession to my Dio to the reconnection with my grade school crush. Likewise, I’ve passed from slothful two months to a whole new active one.

Resolutions don’t require New Year; the beginning may be any other day. Frustration kicked in, and I’ve desisted myself from lame excuses to miss an exercise or to cheat a meal. Half past March, and I’ve barely lost two pounds, more exasperation winds up at my very eyes. Early plateau was my alibi until I was brave enough to withstand the awful reality that my resistance wasn’t enough.

The start of lent pushed me, though, to give up certain things I thought I could never live without—coffee, alcohol and social media. Abandoning these was hellish, thinking I would not survive a day knowing the temptation was way too close at hand.

It takes more than just decision, rather it takes determination. It takes more than just the importance of setting off, rather it takes the significance of being on track.

Now, I’m claiming to lose more pounds than feelings in the next few months.