Thursday, March 16, 2017

She is the color in the monochromatic world.

One day, when you are 21, you will have a friend you will hold dearly who will treat you like a sister, and you will do the same.

She will give you her faintest smile on the first day you meet each other. She will start calling you sis even before she even knows your real name. She will immediately say hi when you bump into her when you, yourself, are too shy to even look at her.

One moment, she will find out about your top secret, and you will become closer because she has something on you. That may be why you turned into friends, but that is not the reason you stay to be.

Beneath her cropped tops and short skirts is a kind soul with a big heart.

She is understanding and patient. She will apprehend your stubbornness in you when she tells you to do something, and you do the exact opposite. She will tirelessly listen to your drama reruns or vicious rants of how a creep freaks you out whom you accommodate anyway.

She is supportive and appreciative. She will have your back no matter the circumstance, even when you least expect it and when you do not need it at all. She will send you long messages of how grateful she is you accompanied her to have her laptop keyboard fixed or you came to morally support her reenactment shoot.

She is carefree and witty. She will almost always say yes to your coffee invites, however ngarag she gets. She will unconsciously make faces or throw lines she does not realize are funny.

Sometimes, she will need some time to process a joke everyone has been laughing at. Other times, she will need some space to process an event her heart does not know how to take. Most of the time, though, she will need sleep to refuel the energy she lost by overthinking the future.

One day, you will leave. You try to imagine her singing along with Kiana Ledé or John Mayer. You picture her munching on the chocolates or lemon squares you shared. You fight every urge to buy Potato Corner because you will remember she will always have barbecue.

One day, you will leave. But no matter how much efforts you put into detaching yourself from her, you are aware that you cannot. And you will not, because even when your world is not in black and white, you know that she can paint it better when she is in it.

Happy birthday, Beshie!!! 💃🏻