To Everyone Who Trusts Easily

Friday, April 21, 2017

Dear One,

In the many people you will meet across the street or beside the train seat, know who to trust and when to trust those chosen people. You will be constantly betrayed when and by whom you least expect—may it be a friend or a mentor—but be ready to face yet another battle having a better hold of the people you should choose to trust.

Some may have skin covered with tattoo, some may have glowing and fair complexion. Some may exude creepy vibes, some may bring pleasing aura. Some may look like they are about to steal your latest iPhone, some have their own iPhone paired with Apple watch. Some may sound like they are the most ruthless, some may have the voice of compassion.

But guess the hell what.

It may seem like the former is the one you should trust less, but it is almost always the latter that is going to deceive you. You will believe in that person, that he/she is quite understanding, that he/she is kind-hearted.

Yet one day, you prove that the devil does not come dressed in a red cape and pointy horns. He may come in high heels and expensive dress. Indeed, what a fool you made of yourself.

But on another day, after having unsound dreams of yourself dying or someone wanting you to be killed, your Plan B works out just fine. You then realize how grateful you are for other people you trust, because if it were not for the cruel ones you trusted, you will never appreciate the good ones as much.

So just trust. It may be broken by some, but trust that there are others who will treasure it for the rest of their lives.