Friday, June 30, 2017

It is rare to find people who will stick with you through ups, downs, lefts or rights. Of all the friends you will have from high school to college, there will only be a few who will be there on the days you still try to figure out life until you live it.

It is extraordinary to meet people who are patient in elaborating legal terms and lend you their codals while they struggle for their own midterms. That’s Abigail—she is always more than willing to share things with you, may it be annulment cases, hilarious memes or foreign television series.

She is benevolent and warmhearted. She is supportive and encouraging. She will answer your call on random moments and talk with you until dawn talking about random things but mostly about your embarrassing moments from high school. She will be proud of your achievements as if they are her own.

She is comical yet fragile. She is gregarious yet delicate. She will laugh her lungs out with you yet will cry her out alone. She will give company when you need it the most yet hanker for some when she needs someone to talk to.

That’s Abigail, Abby, B, Bestfran. Keep sharing kindness, and the world becomes more bearable. Happy (silver) birthday!!! 💜