I’m a tight-lipped 20-something woman who writes about anything under the sun, but mostly, of my own caged thoughts. Writing is my greatest escape from the shambolic reality. I’m a skeptic realist who often swims in a pool of feelings but avoids to acknowledge having them.

Currently, I’m reading my way through a Master’s degree, researching about conspiracy theories occasionally and trading corporate stocks on my free time. I also contribute articles I write whole-heartedly.

Likewise, I’m dipping my toes in the world of media production while still in search of a number of whats and whys and hows. I strive to attain self-optimization through the collection of limitless experiences and the record of cumulative running marathons.

Let this space offer my love to spread my ideas, realizations and optimism through the most powerful medium of today.

I appreciate long messages, so I am most reachable at message@trishlameyra.com.

Happy reading!

Warning: Everything is personal and...emotional.

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